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December 2017 Post-LSAT Carnival

For those who have not yet experienced the full LSAT journey from diagnostic to Test Day, the days immediately following your official LSAT administration may sound like a long-awaited relief from constant studying. A time when you can finally pull your life back together and reconnect with the long lost friends from those good old days. before your test prep began.

Instead, the December 2017 LSAT takers are waking up to the reality that the waiting time between the test and the score release date is a personal purgatory where you will have to find some way to pass your time in agonizing ignorance.

Thankfully, in the age of memes and sharing your most personal feelings with strangers on the internet, the blogosphere can provide a wide range of examples of how you can cope with the waiting that follows the LSAT. That’s why we’re bringing back the post-LSAT Carnival, December 2017 Edition, to give you a collection of the ways December LSAT takers from across the internet have chosen to handle this period following the exam.

There were the students who took the classic approach of scrambling to find out which of their test sections was the Experimental


Others took pleasure in their small victories against the LSAC


There were eye-rolls at the entitled students (aka. future lawyers) who were overheard at the December exam.


Some were musing about whether the LSAT score release would be ruining their 2018 on the second day of the year…or the third day of the year.


The most upbeat of December exam takers were combining their nervous waiting with an unwavering holiday spirit.


And probably most prevalent of all has been the additional wave of panic from the news that research is showing an uptick in applications, and therefore, a more competitive law school application season.


If you’d like to provide your take on the December LSAT, or share how you’ve been doing post-exam, feel free to add to the comment section below!