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December 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival

If there’s one common feeling about the December LSAT that is floating around the internet, it is that the exam seemed easier than the October LSAT. It’s hard to tell if that really was the case, and contrary to popular belief, the LSAT curve will not be a clear indication.

Nonetheless, people have had plenty to say about the December LSAT. To see what I mean, check out the comments in our December LSAT Instant Recap and December LSAT Morning Cometh. But that’s not the only place where people are talking about the December LSAT.

Hop on the December 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival and let’s ride around the interwebs to check out the chatter:

As a fan of memes, this blog post by Veuxlemonde is a must-see.

The Inner Ramblings of this blogger indicate that he didn’t study much for the December LSAT, but still feels great about it.

Adventures in Misanthopy isn’t stressing the December LSAT.

Liza found the December LSAT logic games fun but wishes the writing section counted toward her score.

And to end on a high note, the December LSAT was like a sexual encounter and it’s time to forget about the whole thing with some whiskey.

I’m sure you’re still thinking about the December LSAT. How are you feeling now that it’s been roughly 48 hours since you set down your pencil? Let us know in the comments (just remember: comments that discuss specific December LSAT questions will not be approved, per LSAC’s policy).