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December 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival

We’ve done what we could here at Most Strongly Supported to recap the December LSAT — starting with the instant recap on Saturday and then the morning cometh on Sunday. Be sure to check out the comments in those posts; there’s some good stuff in there.

Now let’s see what those who took the LSAT and for whatever reason didn’t come to our blog are saying about it. It’s time to hop on the December 2011 LSAT blog carnival. Please keep all hands and items inside the ride at all times.

In the front of the ride (always the longest line) are a former shopaholic and a 2013 graduate of Wabash College. The first blogger wanted to cry after she took the December LSAT Saturday because she had been studying since 2009. It sounds like it paid off, though, because she wrote that the actual LSAT was easier than her practice LSATs. Michael the Wabash student waxed philosophical after taking his December LSAT, apparently because it was his first time taking the LSAT.

Then there’s Samson, who has a prediction for his LSAT score. This girl didn’t predict her LSAT score but is hoping for at least a 170 and is willing to retake in February.

As one would expect, there were a lot of blog posts about students’ plans after taking the LSAT. While some of those included watching Harry Potter movies and crying or finishing up course work, a large number dealt with everyone’s favorite celebratory pastime: drinking. Liz filed this thirst-quenching blog post under “drink, party, lsat.” And Stacy posted a picture of her favorite post-LSAT beverages.

Finally, Cody has an idea for those who write questions for reading comprehension on the LSAT.

That’s it for now. If you put together a blog post reacting to the LSAT, feel free to link to it in the comments for others to read. If anything, it’ll pass the time while we all wait for LSAT scores to be released.