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December 2010 LSAT Scores Released?

December 2010 LSAT Scores Released?
There were some silly reports on twitter Thursday evening that December 2010 LSAT scores had been released, but as of now, that’s looking like damn lies. So, while you all are waiting for scores to be released, we thought we’d provide you with our resolutions for the New Year:

*Get Colin Elzie to quit smoking.

*Collectively lose 1000 pounds as a company.

*Stop taking tequila shots before noon. East Coast time.

*Shore up our oil refining arm so we avoid any nasty occurrences in the future.

*Carry the heavy mantle of greatness a little lighter on our heads.

*Take over the entire world.

What’s your resolution? And how pissed are you that LSAT scores aren’t out? Holler at us.