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December 2009 LSAT Postponed in Houston


As un-fun as taking the LSAT on Saturday was, imagine if you got a notice the day before that your test had been postponed.

That’s what happened to LSAT test-takers at Texas Southern University on Friday when they were notified that, due to inclement weather, their LSAT would be canceled. According to, sudents scheduled at that test center will be notified early this week of a make-up date which they hope will “occur within the next two weeks.”

The “inclement weather” appears to be a freeze after a large snowstorm. Apparently, people in the south are so unprepared for precipitation that everything needs to shut down. It’s probably like snow in Los Angeles or meeting a nice person in the streets of New York.

The unexpected delay has engendered some mixed reactions on the Top-Law-Schools discussion board. Some people seem to be excited about the extra study time, while others would rather just have the exam over and done with. We contacted LSAC to find out if they’re trotting out an entirely new test for the hapless TSUers. After all, it seems like the lag time would present an ideal opportunity for students to get information on the exam for an advantage. It turns out that they are, so the Houstonites will get an LSAT all to themselves.

At any rate, we wish the Houston test takers the best of luck and for the rest of you who took it on Saturday, the happiness of finally slaying the beast.