Dealing with LSAT test day anxiety

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
  • Next Step tutor Andrew offers some words of wisdom on dealing with test day anxiety

    With all the pressure it’s no surprise that the LSAT conjures feelings of fear, despair and loathing in many of the people who have, or are preparing to take it. In other words, test anxiety. Preparing for, and dealing with, potential anxiety should be part of any LSAT preparation regimen.

    Everybody copes with stress and anxiety differently; therefore the best strategy will depend on your personality. Pick and choose as appropriate for yourself.

    – Simulate realistic test conditions when you prepare. Take timed tests on Saturday mornings.

    – Your test day starts on Friday night. Don’t go to the bar, and don’t try to cram for the LSAT. Make sure that your zip lock bag of test supplies is packed and then just stay home. Read a book, watch a movie, get a nice dinner – just take it easy and get to bed early.

    – On the morning of the test get up early and take a shower (it helps you wake up). Go get a good healthy breakfast (fruit, not pancakes), grab a coffee and go to the test center. Leave yourself plenty of time so that you’re not rushing to get to the test or find parking.

    – When you get into the test center make yourself comfortable. Do some meditation or deep breathing exercises if that’s your thing. Stare at the wall if you’d rather. Generally it takes a while to get everybody in, tests passed out, and through the general instructions  so this can be a time of high anxiety. Just remember that the test is printed already and sitting on the proctors table – nothing you do now will change it. You did all your preparation and you’re ready to go.

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