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Counting Down Your Final 10 Days Until the June LSAT

As of today, there are 10 days left until the June LSAT.

The ideal use of the next 10 days would be to calmly continue taking LSAT practice tests and drilling weaknesses, while getting plenty of sleep and eating well. After a year or so of observing students, though, I know that the reaction is usually a little different. Here is what I believe to be a more typical outline of the next ten days:

Day 10 Until the June LSAT: Read an LSAT blog post pointing out that there are 10 days until the June LSAT. Panic. Think about everything you still need to study. Panic again.

Day 9 Until the June LSAT: Dive into studying with a renewed sense of purpose.

Day 8 Until the June LSAT: Take an LSAT practice test. Score it and find that you just got your best LSAT score ever. Walk around town feeling smug and thinking about how much more money you’ll make than these peasants when you’re a hotshot lawyer at Pearson/Hardman.

Day 7 Until the June LSAT: Spend the day working on Flaw questions. Feel less smug after getting 10 wrong in a row.

Day 6 Until the June LSAT: Take another LSAT practice test. Your LSAT score goes down three points. Have a full-blown meltdown and end the day crying into a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.

Day 5 Until the June LSAT: Send your instructor a novel-length email detailing every single thing you did before the Day 6 LSAT practice test, including information regarding your bathroom breaks throughout that day. Instructor responds, reminding you that LSAT scores can fluctuate and that a small dip is absolutely not a cause for a freak-out. Realize again how wise and worldly your LSAT prep instructor is, and calm down a little.

Day 4 Until the June LSAT: Go on a “dry run” to your June LSAT testing center. Sneak into a classroom and take a practice LSAT there. Remember how uncomfortable most college desks are.

Day 3 Until the June LSAT: Drill individual question types. Feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things you wish you had time to study before the June LSAT.

Day 2 Until the June LSAT: Take final LSAT practice test. It goes well. Think about everything that could possibly go wrong on June 10 and wish you had another month or two to study.

Day 1 Until the June LSAT: Realize that you have forgotten to get a passport-style photo. Visit three pharmacies until you find one with a photo section. Kick yourself for waiting until the last possible minute to take care of this requirement. Spend the day catching up on junky TV, and go to bed while it’s still light out, just to make sure you’re really well-rested.


In all seriousness, there are certain things you can do to make the next week and a half go as smoothly as possible: assemble your June LSAT test day requirements (like an analog watch and passport-size photo) well in advance, do a “dry run” of your commute to the June LSAT testing center, and so forth.

But keep in mind that no one ever feels ready for the LSAT. No one will wake up on June 10 thinking, “Yep, there is absolutely nothing else that I could’ve studied to prepare for this test.” However, if you’re reading this LSAT blog (and especially if you’re a Blueprint LSAT Prep student), you’ve already done way more studying than 80% of the people who will be in that June LSAT testing center with you.

You will never feel ready, but you are ready.

So use the next week and a half to get ready to kick some butt!