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Chanukah Gift Ideas for Jewish LSAT Test-Takers

Tonight will mark the third night of Chanukah, that holiest of Jewish holidays that Adam Sandler has managed to mangle almost as badly as his movie career. Oy! Since we’re already two nights in, it seems a bit belated to suggest any gifts for nights one and two, but here are six LSAT appropriate Chanukah gifts for the remaining evenings of celebration.

LSAT-Appropriate Chanukah Gift I: The Gift of Self-Confidence:

There is nothing more important on LSAT test day than confidence. Hopefully that confidence is born of incredibly effective and complete LSAT preparation. However, even for those who are extremely well-prepared (did all your homework, scoring at the level you want to, etc), doubt can creep in. In fact, that dedication to LSAT preparation might even be caused by one’s lack of confidence. So, if you’ve got a LSAT test-taker in your midst, make sure you tell them how smart you think they are and how well you know they’ll do on LSAT test day. They’ll thank you when they bring home that great LSAT score.

LSAT-Appropriate Chanukah Gift II: The Gift of a Working (Analog) Watch

No matter how many times you tell an LSAT prep student not to worry about timing, she will inevitably worry about timing. Come LSAT test day, the only timing device your LSAT test-taker will be allowed (aside from those oh so helpful proctors) will be an analog watch. I’m going to assume that you can make the connection necessary to figure out why I might suggest a watch as a gift. Hey, you could even buy a watch that doesn’t suck!

LSAT-Appropriate Chanukah Gift III: The Gift of a One-Gallon Ziploc Bag

After all, your LSAT test-taker is going to need something into which to stick their very short list of approved items. One wonders, however, whether or not LSAT test-takers are keen on placing their “medical or hygiene” products in clear, plastic bags for all their fellow test takers to snicker at see. And whatever you do, for the love of God, DO NOT BRING AN ALUMINUM CAN.

LSAT-Appropriate Chanukah Gift IV: The Gift of a Registration Fee

Hey, I’m not above suggesting straight cash homey. After all, it ain’t cheap to take the LSAT (or register for the Credential Assembly Service for that matter). So how about you reconsider that really neat sweater you spotted at JC Penny (do they still have those?) and slip a check for three hundie into your putative law student’s pocket? Trust me, it’s one less thing they’ll have to worry about, and that’s huge.

LSAT-Appropriate Chanukah Gift V: The Gift of Comfortable Slippers

The preferred footwear of successful LSAT test-takers everywhere. LSAT test day is not about dressing to impress. It’s about being comfortable. Aside from the gym, LSAT test day is quite possibly one of the only times when it’s socially acceptable to wear sweatpants outside of the house. And nothing pairs with sweatpants quite like slippers. Not only are they the best feeling footwear around, they will also keep you warm in what will inevitably be a freezing cold LSAT test center. Here’s what Amazon has to say on the subject.

LSAT-Appropriate Chanukah Gift VI: The Gift of an Expensive Bottle of Booze

Beer, wine or spirits, it doesn’t matter. The idea here is to give your LSAT test-taker something to look forward to. There’s no carrot to finish strong quite like delicious alcohol. You may also reap the added benefit of drinking said alcohol in celebration with the giftee. Everybody wins!

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