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Celebrities Who Don’t Have a Law Degree (But Should)


Did you know that long before becoming the best quarterback in the NFL, (according to highly reputable uncited Wikipedia sources) Aaron Rodgers actually considered dropping off his community college team so he could focus on getting into law school? His coach convinced him (surely after a near-fatal bout of conniptions) to stick with football, but I like to think that Rodgers would have had success in the legal arena on par with his success in the pocket. He has a demonstrated ability to stay cool and collected under pressure, and he’s clearly capable of leading a team to victory — both key attributes of a trial attorney. If not that, I think we can safely say the man would do well in sports law.

Russell Brand would, undoubtedly, be the most passionate consumer advocate since Nader circa 1965. With a knack for flair and an oh-so compelling accent, he would go far captivating audiences and launching his impassioned diatribes against capitalism, geopolitics, Fox “News,” and the like. Whatever Brand lacks in substance he more than makes up for with performance — a fine skill for any practicing attorney.

Just by osmosis, I think we can assume that George Clooney is, at this moment, well prepared to go toe to toe with the greatest international law players of the modern era. His wife, Amal, has represented WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the Prime Minister of Ukraine, and countless victims of human rights violations. In her time teaching at Columbia Law, Amal became something of an academic celebrity, eventually requiring an extensive security brigade to fend off the hoards of devotees hoping to sit in on her lectures. Clooney, with his policy proclivities, would likely do well as chief counsel to a legislator, although something tells me he’d do alright featured in front of the camera as well.

Any idea what the brilliant Natalie Portman would be like as a lawyer? Perhaps Emma Watson? Maybe David Duchovny? With their degrees from some of the most prestigious universities (*cough* Harvard, Brown, and Yale *cough*) there’s no doubt they could all double as impressive legal professionals. Comment below!