Caption Contest II: Win $100 Off Our Online LSAT Prep Course

  • /Reviewed by: Matt Riley
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    Take a good look at the photo above. It could earn you a $100 discount off Blueprint LSAT Prep’s online course.

    After the success of the LSAT blog’s first caption contest, we’re doin’ it again. Comment on this post with a caption for the photo, and the funniest one that has something to do with the LSAT or law school (to be picked by Blueprint LSAT Prep principals) will win the $100 discount. The discount must be applied to a summer online LSAT prep course. If you already paid for a Blueprint LSAT Prep online course for the summer or you’d prefer a different prize, you may choose a Starbucks giftcard as an alternative.

    Winners will be announced next Monday, May 6, right here on the LSAT blog.

    Please don’t submit any offensive captions. All comments are moderated, anyway. If your comment has been approved, however, that means you are entered into the contest. Again: If you want the best odds of winning, try to make some connection to the LSAT or law school in your caption. Most importantly, make it funny.

    Now get to captioning!

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