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Building the Ultimate LSAT Transformer

With the new Transformers movie coming out today, Blueprint LSAT Prep upper management tasked me with an all-important mission:

“Design a Transformer capable of battling the LSAT!”

I have to admit, I was nervous. I really didn’t know a lot about the franchise, so I Googled the $H!T out of “Transformers,” then pitched some ideas to my girlfriend who likes almost everything I come up with. So now I introduce to you, a robot, in disguise, built to wage war…against…the LSAT…(dramatic pause)…CONTRAPOSITRON!!!!

Any LSAT test-taking Transformer must have a sweet name and a cool power to go along with it. Contrapositron fills the bill. She (yes, she) has the power to determine the logical equivalent of a conditional statement. She slays the Logical Reasoning sections, flipping and negating sufficient and necessary conditions with robotic flair.

Transformers are vehicles (even I knew that) and Contrapositron would need to be something that gets her to the LSAT test center fast. Noting that parking won’t be an issue, why even deal with traffic, road closures or potential fender-benders? This LSAT destroying machine is taking it to the air. Connie is a Jet! (Only I can call her Connie; if you do she will squash you!)

What other cool features does Contrapositron have? Well for starters, she has an internal timer calibrated to 35 minutes so she always knows exactly how much time is left in every section. She also has a coffee tank that pumps caffeine when needed. But most importantly, Contrapositron’s fingers are specially engineered, top-of-the-line No. 2 pencils. And what about her thumbs? Pencil sharpeners! Whaaaaaaat?!

And now for the big reveal! When that time comes, with answer sheets handed out, where all test-takers are given the option of providing biographical data for research purposes, what will Contrapositron bubble in as her race? Autobot or Decepticon???

This is where the Googling kicks in. With a name like Contrapositron there’s definitely some familial relation to Megatron, and anyone who has trolled through the TransformersWiki knows that air power abilities (being a jet) is a trait most associated with Decepticons. Therefore, in conclusion, Contrapositron is a Decepticon. It makes sense; only an evil robot would want to take the LSAT.

Now I would like to encourage you to submit your own ultimate LSAT Transformer ideas in the comments section below, then maybe our robots can do battle, in a classroom, one seat apart, on LSAT test day, in our imaginations.

Or, in Michael Bay’s next sequel.