Blueprint’s summer LSAT course giveaway starts today!

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    Hey there! Thinking about taking the September LSAT? If you’ve investigated a little bit, you probably know that studying for the LSAT is a pretty significant investment of time and money. While we can’t change the fact that you’ll have to put a lot of time — not to mention a smattering of heart and soul — into getting a great LSAT score, we can ease the dent in your wallet that studying will make. In fact, we can take your poor, overburdened wallet out of the picture altogether.

    Just click this link, and enter to win a free summer Blueprint LSAT course. That’s a classroom course or an online course, just FYI-zies.

    “Hey,” you ask, “just what do I get for my investment of $0.00?” Glad you asked!

    In our classroom course, help yourself to:

    — 76 hours of in-class instruction
    — 6 in-class practice exams
    — Face time with a 99th percentile instructor

    And in our online course:

    — 88 hours of online instruction
    — Instruction by Trent and Matt, Blueprint’s founders
    — 24-hour email support

    Both courses come complete with:

    — 3 textbooks
    — 14 practice LSATs
    — Access to Blueprint’s groundbreaking LSAT app

    Our online resources, all of which can be accessed by classroom and online students via the app or the Blueprint website, include:

    — Adaptive homework, which serves questions at your skill level
    — Customizable problem sets to help you target your studies
    — Hundreds of hours of homework video explanations
    — Targeted drills to help you hone your skills
    — Powerful analytics to help you concentrate on what you need

    If you want to crush the LSAT, Blueprint is your ally. Enter to win a free course, and you can spend the money you saved on an awesome post-LSAT party!

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