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Blueprint LSAT Prep Classes for September Start Soon

Cars are overheating, and LeBron James has opted for free agency. That can only mean one thing: Summer is officially here!

Here at Blueprint LSAT Prep, that means thousands of people across the country are gearing up for the September LSAT. Fortunately for them, we’ve got a slew of LSAT prep courses to offer — many of which start in the coming weeks.

Here’s a rundown of all the 2014 summer Blueprint LSAT Prep classes, as well as their instructors and start dates:

Irvine LSAT Prep 1 (Jay Donnell): June 28

Berkeley LSAT Prep 1 (Aaron Cohn): June 28

UCLA LSAT Prep 2 (Sam Fox): June 29

San Diego LSAT Prep 1 (Nick McIntosh): July 6

Washington DC LSAT Prep 1 (Mithun Selvaratnam): July 6

Miami LSAT Prep 1 (Matt Williamson): July 6

Berkeley LSAT Prep 2 (Phil Belleau): July 12

Miami LSAT Prep 2 (Matt Williamson): July 12

UCLA LSAT Prep 3 (Spencer Robins): July 12

Pasadena LSAT Prep 1 (Ross Rinehart): July 13

Palo Alto LSAT Prep (Phil Belleau): July 13

Northridge LSAT Prep 1 (Branden Frankel): July 13

Santa Barbara LSAT Prep (Michael Galdes): July 13

New York LSAT Prep 1 (Gregory Muren): July 13

USC LSAT Prep 1 (Albert Huber): July 13

Austin LSAT Prep (Jessica Jackelen): July 13

San Francisco LSAT Prep (Aaron Cohn): July 13

San Jose LSAT Prep (Praveen Rudraraju: July 13

UCLA LSAT Prep Day 1 (Trent Teti): July 14

Irvine LSAT Prep Day (Jay Donnell): July 14

UCLA LSAT Prep Day 2 (Gerry Hirschfeld): July 15

Washington DC LSAT Prep 2 (Mithun Selvaratnam): July 19

Davis LSAT Prep (Daniel Austin): July 19

Phoenix LSAT Prep (Dylan Gadek): July 19

Long Island LSAT Prep (Adrianne Isaacson): July 19

Berkeley LSAT Prep 3 (Robert Seaney): July 20

Arlington LSAT Prep (Shayela Hassan): July 20

New York LSAT Prep 2 (Akilesh Ayyar): July 20

Long Beach LSAT Prep (Michael Galdes): July 20

Fullerton LSAT Prep (Thomas Molloy): July 20

San Diego LSAT Prep 2 (Nick McIntosh): July 20

Houston LSAT Prep (Sam Huang): July 20

Riverside LSAT Prep (Gerry Hirschfeld): July 20

Brooklyn LSAT Prep (Adrianne Isaacson): July 20

Dallas LSAT Prep (Mark Kao): July 20

Chicago LSAT Prep (Patrick Moore): July 20

New Haven LSAT Prep: July 20

Sacramento LSAT Prep (Daniel Austin): July 20

Tucson LSAT Prep (Dylan Gadek): July 20

Atlanta LSAT Prep (Zach Pelchat): July 20

Philadelphia LSAT Prep (Hagana Kim): July 20

Irvine LSAT Prep 2 (Jay Donnell): July 20

Boston LSAT Prep (Laura Santoski): July 20

USC LSAT Prep 2 (Albert Huber): July 20

Northridge LSAT Prep 2 (Branden Frankel): July 20

UCLA LSAT Prep 4 (Spencer Robins): July 20

Pasadena LSAT Prep 2 (Ross Rinehart): July 20

Seattle LSAT Prep (Chris van Elk): July 20

Find out more about all of our summer instructors.

Of course, Blueprint also offers its awesome online LSAT prep course, for those who’d prefer to study at their own pace.

If you’re interested in seeing what Blueprint LSAT Prep has to offer, sign up for a free myBlueprint account. You can even take and score your own actual LSAT.

If nothing else, shoot us an email at or call 888-4-BP-PREP, and we’d love to tell you more about our LSAT prep courses.

That includes you, too, LeBron.