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Blueprint LSAT Prep 2012 Spring Expansion V: Miami

If Will Smith was excited about Miami before, wait’ll he hears that Blueprint LSAT Preparation has arrived. Bienvenido a Miami, indeed, backup singers. Bienvenido a Miami, indeed.

Blueprint has taken its talents to South Beach, offering its 112-hour live LSAT prep course beginning April 10. You can find out all the details by checking out our Miami LSAT prep page, but here’s the story:

To commemorate our spring expansion — which also includes Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Seattle — we’re taking $500 off the cost of our Miami LSAT prep course as part of Blueprint’s one-of-a-kind 5&5 Deal. Not only does that drop the cost of the class to $799, but if you don’t improve your LSAT practice exam five points from your first PE to your best, we’ll let you retake the course for free.

Also, we’ve revamped our curriculum for each of our LSAT prep courses, including a brand new set of books, six proctored LSAT practice exams, three end-of-the-course workshops for extra review, and three clinics devoted to covering advanced concepts of each section of the LSAT. That’s better than a day at the beach.

We had LeBron James all lined up to teach our Miami LSAT prep course, but he had basketball practice or something, so we went with the next best thing: Drew Bean. Luckily for all you Miami LSAT prep students, Drew knows a bit more about the LSAT than LeBron. Check out our instructors page for proof.

Most of Blueprint’s LSAT courses have started, but the Miami LSAT prep course does not begin until April 10 — so sign up today. You can register for our spring Miami LSAT prep class online or over the phone (888-4-BP-PREP). Miami LSAT prep classes will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (as well as a weekend here and there) at the Dooley Memorial Building on the campus of the University of Miami.

One final note about our spring Miami LSAT prep course: Bikinis and trunks are not a requirement but highly encouraged.