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Blueprint Classes for the June LSAT Starting Now

Time to Start Prepping for June LSAT Classes

Today’s post is a reminder of how important the LSAT is for law school applications, followed closely by why you therefore need to prep for it, and winding up with a discussion of why if you prep with a course, Blueprint is the way to go.  How’s that for laying out a clear thesis?

If you don’t know yet, consider yourself informed that the LSAT is the single most important factor in law school applications.  This is because of a variety of factors, including the difficulty of evaluating GPAs that differ enormously across multiple variables (strength of school, strength of major, grading inconsistencies, etc.), the fact that the LSAT is a good predictor of first year law school success, etc.  Whether or not you like this, that’s the way it is in law school admissions right now.  I personally think a pie eating contest would be an epic way to gain law school admittance, but I was overruled by the ABA.

Given the importance of the LSAT, you’ll want to prepare for it as well as you possibly can.  It’s also a difficult test, so more hours as opposed to less is a good thing.  How much should you prep?  Our very own Colin Elzie weighed in on this earlier.  The summary?  Lots.

Which brings me to my favorite LSAT prep company, Blueprint.  Do people prepare for the LSAT by using books they buy at Amazon?  Sure.  How many does this work for?  I’m going to say .5% based purely on anecdotal evidence gleaned from our own students, law school discussion boards, and Oprah.

Seriously, though, a prep class can be worth the price of admission – even a $1,000+ price.  This is because the LSAT is a large part of dictating where you go to law school, which plays a huge role in the law firm you work for upon graduation, which highly impacts the attractiveness of your spouse, which in turn affects the quality of your children.  So a prep course can enhance your genetic legacy, which is what life is all about, at least according to Darwin.

Not only can a prep course pay off in your job down the line, it can also pay off more immediately in terms of law school loans.  If your LSAT score is high enough to get you admitted at a top tier law school, you can often parlay that into free or reduced tuition elsewhere.  Either way, it is an investment well worth it.

So now that you know an LSAT prep course is a good idea, let’s talk about Blueprint.  Blueprint offers the most hours for the least amount of money.  We’re also a lot of fun.  So take our class.  You won’t regret it.

Here’s a list of the start date for Blueprint LSAT Prep classes for the June LSAT.

LSAT classes that begin this weekend:

Berkeley 1:  Sunday, March 13th

New York 1:  Sunday, March 13th

LSAT classes that begin next weekend:

New York 2:  Sunday, March 20th

USC 1:  Sunday, March 20th

LSAT classes that start the weekend after that:

Irvine 1:  Saturday, March 27th

Washington DC:  Sunday, March 27th

Philadelphia:  Sunday, March 27th

Boston:  Sunday, March 27th

Austin:  Sunday, March 27th

Phoenix:  Sunday, March 27th

CSUN:  Sunday, March 27th

UCLA 2:  Sunday, March 27th

San Diego:  Sunday, March 27th

USC 2:  Sunday, March 27th

So there you have it.  If you want beautiful children, you should take Blueprint.  Until next time, au revoir people.