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Black Friday Shopping List for the Stressed LSAT Taker


With Black Friday around the corner, and the test a mere week later, it’s the perfect time to get some presents for the stressed-out LSAT taker. This list keeps in mind that, by the time they receive their gifts, LSAT takers will still be ramping down from the stress of taking the test while still having low-level stress from knowing that results are waiting for them a week and a half away.

Get your fitness on: A membership to ClassPass
Despite constant exhortations from us at Blueprint that LSAT takers make exercise a priority while studying for the LSAT, it’s still easy to fall off that wagon by the time the test rolls around.

ClassPass is a fitness membership that gives members access to three classes each at an unlimited number of different studios for $89 a month. There are a huge variety of fitness studios, so your LSAT taker can bounce around from boxing to spin to pilates, and constantly having to figure out the new moves will keep your LSAT taker from being able to focus on too much on the results.

Catching up on Zzzs: Good Night™ Biological LED Lamp
Getting the proper amount of sleep at regular hours is something that might have fallen by the wayside during the test, and let’s not talk about all the meat sweats and sugar comas that accompany the holidays.

The Good Night Biological LED lamp helps remove obstacles to the ultimate nighttime goal—falling asleep. Your regular LED lightbulb suppresses melatonin, making it more difficult for you to fall asleep. However, the Good Night Biological LED lamp filters out the waves that mess with your circadian rhythm.

Logic Games: The Big Book of Sudoku
Perhaps you have a hankering for Logic Games, but pulling out your LSAT books feels too raw. Get your deductive reasoning on with some sudoku instead.

Reading Comprehension: Moby Dick
You did a lot of boring reading comprehension passages, and you need a reminder that books can be fun. Thus, Moby Dick. Just kidding. How about Shake Cats instead? On paper, you’re reading a book, but in actuality, you’re looking at pictures of cats shaking off their fur.

Logical Reasoning: HBO Subscription
You miss getting to break down arguments and point out their flaws, but it seems like it’d be asking for trouble if you got rid of that hankering by upping the amount of time you spend arguing with your family. With HBO, you can chime in on the logical flaws various presidential candidates make by watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. And you can yell at the TV at Hannah’s idiocy on Girls, secure in the knowledge that any yelling at fictional TV characters is due to the inherent illogicality of their actions.