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Belated Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the LSAT Student’s Dad

While Father’s Day is in the rearview, it’s never too late to do something nice for Dad. If you’re an LSAT student, you’ve given Dad a set off worries beyond that of the average offspring. What might the father of an LSAT student like for Father’s Day? Let’s have a look:

LSAT Student Father’s Day Gift Idea I: Law School Tuition

If you’re like most LSAT students, you’re going to run to Pops, hat in hand, asking for help paying for law school (and probably Mom too). And who could blame you? Law school ain’t cheap. Wouldn’t it be grand if Dad could just win the lottery and throw all that worry out the window? Law school tuition for Dad is like a husband buying his wife lingerie. Sure, it’s technically a gift for the wife, but it’s really a gift for the husband. Law school tuition is as much a gift for Dad as it is for you. Win-win.

LSAT Student Father’s Day Gift Idea II: Fake Law Books

If Dad has yet to win the lottery, then he and your Mom will be reaching deep into their pockets and spending a whole bunch of money on law school. In order to ensure Dad’s continued enthusiasm for your burgeoning legal career, it can’t hurt to get him in on the act as well. If Dad has a home office or study, get him what appears to be a row full of law books for the ol’ bookshelf. Not only will he be able to brag about how his little law student gave them to him, he can even use the hollowed back to hide what he doesn’t want Mom to see for storage.

LSAT Student Father’s Day Gift Idea III: Law-Related DVDs

Want to give Dad a totally unrealistic look at what your law school life and legal career are going to entail? How about a few entertaining movies for Dad’s viewing pleasure? Want to confirm all the ridiculous horror stories about demonic law professors? Reach for a copy of The Paper Chase. Want to show Dad all the noble things you’re going to do with your law degree? Grab a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird (and really, who doesn’t love watching Atticus Finch in action?). Want to show Dad the pitfalls you plan to avoid? Nothing says “corruption” quite like Michael Clayton.

If none of this suits your fancy, a big hug and profuse thanks are generally acceptable as well. Just make sure Dad knows you appreciate everything he’s doing for your legal career and you’ll be in good stead.

And if nothing else, there’s always the inflatable pillow tie.