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Be a Good LSAT Student and Win Money at Poker


Be a Good LSAT Student and Win Money at Poker
It turns out there’s another reason to study hard for the LSAT. In addition to getting you a high score, it can also earn you over $650,000. (That’s a fallacy, by the way).

But that’s the correlation we’re positing for University of Virginia law student Leo Wolpert. A recent article by ESPN reports on Wolpert’s recent win at a Texas hold’ em Tournament in Nevada. In addition to his latest take, Wolpert has used funds from previous wins to help pay for his law school education. That’s even better than student loan money from bailed-out banks.

While Wolpert doesn’t comment on it specifically, our bet is that some of the skills that help on the LSAT, such as the ability to concentrate constructively for hours at a time and to make reasonable conclusions from limited information can also translate into good tournament play. And Leo isn’t alone, as The Hartford Courant reports that a Yale law student has made nearly $800,000 from her poker winnings.

So when you crack your books tonight to study parallel reasoning questions, spare a moment to check out a Texas hold’ em tournament to see if you might be the next winner. (Don’t really do this – it’s terrible advice). But we do recommend making friends with Wolpert if you’re a law student at UVA. He just might have found a recession-proof career alternative to law.

Photo by Jeff Brushie — Wsop/impdi