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An Update from the Land outside LSAT Study

BPPdave-lsat-blog-lebronWe’re just over two and a half weeks from the June LSAT. This signifies a number of things, but most important is that you are probably in a blind panic and have not seen the sunlight in well over three days.

When last you visited the wide world of outside, Tiger Woods was still making headlines for bedding over 100 women out of wedlock. The NBA Playoffs were going on. You still had vestiges of sanity.

A lot has happened since then. Tiger’s been pushed aside to an extent, in favor of Lindsay Lohan going to jail. The NBA Playoffs are still going on. You are currently chewing on your hair and mumbling about contrapositives.

But don’t worry, kids, because Daddy’s here to update you on what’s been going on in the world.

*NBA player Delonte West was allegedly having sex with LeBron James’ mom, Gloria, and that may have played a role in Bron-Bron’s playing like a little girl during most of the Cavaliers’ series with the Celtics. And after a quick poll of the office staff, we’ve decided that the rumor is bogus because there’s no way LeBron wouldn’t have ordered West’s death if there was any credence to the rumors.

*Justin Bieber has been nominated for a BET award. Justin Bieber is a 16 year old Canadian. BET is Black Entertainment Television.

*Despite tremendous efforts to stop oil from continuing to leak over the entire Gulf of Mexico (“hey guys, I have an idea! Let’s put a gigantic box on top of it!) oil continued to just gush into the warm waters of the Gulf. Sea creatures are getting pwn’d. And apparently the oil refining arm of Blueprint is responsible.

*William Shatner is going to star in the televised version of Shit My Dad Says, a popular twitter account. That’s not that interesting. What is interesting is this video:


*A 13 year old is attempting to summit Mt. Everest. If he succeeds, then I’m pretty sure he’s right up there with the dude who cut off his own hand after being crushed by a boulder in terms of wilderness badassery.

Anyway, good luck with the continued studies. Keep on truckin’. Don’t stop believing. And remember that it will all be ok in the end, because if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.