A Slew of February LSAT Deadlines Expire This Weekend

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    If you’re taking the February LSAT, you should know about some final deadlines over the next few days. You can see all the February LSAT deadlines here, but let’s discuss some of the highlights.

    Tomorrow, January 17, is your absolute last chance to register for the February LSAT. It’ll cost you an extra $70 for late registration, but if you’re planning to take the February LSAT and you haven’t registered yet, get to LSAC’s website right away.

    Sunday, January 19, is your deadline for a few things. First of all, it’s your deadline to change February LSAT test centers online. If you didn’t like the LSAT test center options when you signed up for the February LSAT, you can take a look and see if something better has opened up. If it’s worth the $36 fee, you can make a change.

    January 19 is also the deadline to change your LSAT test date. If you’re way behind in your studies and you know you’re just not going to be ready for the February LSAT, take advantage of this option now. The cost is steep at $83, but it’s the least expensive way to get yourself registered for a future LSAT.

    But if you’re on the fence about the February LSAT, you should know that this Sunday’s deadline isn’t your last chance to get out of it. You can also withdraw your LSAT registration up until 11:59 PM EST on February 7, the night before the LSAT. Withdrawal doesn’t leave any mark on your LSAT score report; it’s as if you never registered for the LSAT. The downside is that you won’t get any kind of refund, so you’ll have to pay the full $165 to register for a future test date.

    So if there’s no chance you’ll be ready for February, save your money and change LSAT test dates this weekend. But if you’re making progress, and you think you might be ready for the February LSAT but you’re not positive yet, wait. If things don’t work out you’ll still have a chance to get off clean.

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