A month ’til spring classes? But I wanna study now!

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    Start your engines.

    If you’re taking a Blueprint LSAT class, you may be wondering what you should be doing before class starts. You don’t need to do anything to prepare — the class is designed to take you from LSAT nobody to LSAT expert. So if you’d like to just pretend the LSAT isn’t coming up until your class starts, that’s fine. But if you’d like to get a head start, that’s fine, too. It certainly can’t hurt. Here are some ideas.

    Get used to reading short, dense, articles. LSAT reading comp is all about extracting arguments from dense passages on topics you may well find boring. May I suggest The Economist? Lots of articles. Many of them make arguments rather than merely present facts. Read through the magazine and focus on finding the author’s argument and point of view when it’s there.

    Puzzles. This is your excuse to waste time doing Sudoku, Ken Ken, or whatever. Let’s not go too far with this — you won’t get good at LSAT logic games by getting good at Sudoku. I can attest personally that my skills with LSAT logic games don’t make me especially good at Sudoku either. But any kind of logic puzzle will get your brain thinking a certain way, and sharpening those thinking skills might help make LSAT logic games easier to learn.

    Get a head start on the LSAT. If you really can’t wait to attack the LSAT, consider checking out Blueprint’s Logic Games and Reading Comprehension books. They use the same methods and curriculum you’ll use in class. They’re entertaining. Plus, they use mostly different examples of games and passages than you’ll cover in class. That way you won’t be sitting in class, bored, thinking, “I did this game already!”

    Do the fun stuff you want to do but won’t have as much time for once you start studying. Seriously. It’s not good for you to stress about the LSAT nonstop for months at a time. Even if you get a head start on the studying, make some time for fun. You’ll feel better. Trust us.

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