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64 Days Until the LSAT: Which Mario Kart Character are You?

Today is undoubtedly a momentous day in the life of any October LSAT test-taker. There are 64 days until the October LSAT. Wait…you don’t know the significance of the number 64? You poor, simple children. 64 days until the October LSAT is noteworthy because of its relation to the most groundbreaking piece of technology invented in our lifetime: the Nintendo 64.

In honor of this (inevitable) coincidence, we will break down how the LSAT prep is coming along for the characters from Mario Kart, Nintendo 64’s most celebrated game.

Yoshi: The LSAT doesn’t seem too well suited to this happy go lucky dinosaur. His long tongue has impressive grappling capabilities, but this won’t help when it comes to Logical Reasoning. Anyone who can be convinced to carry Mario and Luigi around all day probably isn’t a hyper-achiever.

Princess Peach: This beloved princess of Mushroom Kingdom is likely studying quite hard for the October LSAT. After all, she lives in a magnificent kingdom so she can no doubt afford the best and brightest LSAT tutors (from Blueprint, of course). Princess Peach is also very level headed, so it’s unlikely any tough Logic Game or RC passage will faze her.

Bowser: This infamous antagonist has unquestionably been lacking on his LSAT prep. In order to uphold his rebellious image, he won’t do LSAT homework around any of his bad-boy turtle peers. Come LSAT test day, there’s no way that this hell raiser will comply when the LSAT proctor tells him to put his pencil down at the end of each section.

Luigi: This wily Italian import is most likely going to dominate the October LSAT. Born the son of an impoverished pizza-maker, this self-made millionaire knows exactly what it takes to persevere. The LSAT will prove to be the perfect opportunity for this humble European to finally come out from the shadow of his smug and self-assured twin brother, Mario.

Mario: Luigi’s twin, Mario, also knows what it takes to excel against all odds. Mario’s excessive habit of eating mushrooms, however, makes me worry about how his LSAT preparation is coming along. A clear head is the first thing one needs in order to think logically, but I worry that Mario may only care about getting his next mushroom fix for a boost that may help on the race track, but not on the LSAT.