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5 Ways to Put Off LSAT Prep Over Labor Day Weekend

Looking for something to do this Labor Day Weekend besides study for the October LSAT? Here are a few ideas:

1. Take all white clothes from closet. Place in box marked “January 2013”.

2. Read 50 Shades of Grey. Place with Twilight series in box marked “soft porn for women”.

3. Work on fantasy football draft picks for next weekend. Remove beer helmet from box marked “essential NFL gear”.

4. Go back-to-school shopping. Place 2012 hipster gear, including red skinny jeans and American Apparel v necks, in box marked “Goodwill”.

5. Glance at Blueprint LSAT textbooks. Place back in box.

Also, a heads up: Tuesday is the final day to register for the October LSAT without paying a late fee. So don’t do anything over the holiday weekend you forget (assuming you haven’t already registered).