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5 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your LSAT Prep

The October LSAT is on its way. Though you still have two months to go, it’s important that you get your LSAT studies off on the right foot; it’s hard to play catch-up with the LSAT. With that in mind, here are 5 easy tips that will immediately improve your LSAT prep:

Easy LSAT Prep Tip #1: When you’re studying for the LSAT, study for the LSAT

This means don’t watch TV. Keep the music off. Save the texting, sexting, and making your next move in Draw Something for when you take a break. To succeed at the LSAT, you have to train yourself to think in new and different ways. Multitasking as you study for the LSAT only hurts you in this endeavor. In fact, researchers have found that the more you multitask, the worse at it you are. You don’t have to study for the LSAT in an anechoic chamber — it’s worth it to be able to cope with some distractions since there are likely to be a few on LSAT test day. But keep your focus on the LSAT.

Easy LSAT Prep Tip #2: Take breaks

The first three sections of the LSAT add up to an hour and 45 minutes, so that’s how long you’ll eventually need to be able to keep your focus. Endurance is something you’ll need to build up, yes, but it’s something to build up gradually, over time. For now, when your brain starts to feel like it’s shutting down, take a break from the LSAT. If you force it and keep going, two bad outcomes will result: First, you’ll start getting lots of stuff wrong and your confidence will suffer, and second, you’re likely to glean next to nothing from whatever you practice when your brain feels as if it’s shut down. Give yourself 15 minutes, then get back to the LSAT prep. Keep track of how long you work before you feel like you need a break, and try to bring that number up over time.

Easy LSAT Prep Tip #3: Study for the LSAT (almost) every day

Repetition beats sheer hours. The techniques you’ll use on LSAT test day have to become second nature. The best way for this to happen is to make the LSAT a regular part of your life. If you were trying to get in shape, would you spend all Saturday at the gym and not exercise at all the rest of the week? If you were trying to learn a musical instrument, would you set aside your Sunday to practice and never touch it otherwise? LSAT prep is no different. You can and should give yourself a day off now and then. But otherwise, even if you can only spend an hour on the LSAT some days, make it an everyday thing.

Easy LSAT Prep Tip #4: Review your work, and don’t let yourself off the hook

Have you ever finished an LSAT logic game, checked your answers, found that you got everything right, and been thrilled on the one hand but felt as lucky as if you had won the lottery on the other? Don’t be complacent and move on just because you got everything right. Review carefully. If it wasn’t luck, if your process really was good, reviewing will let you take credit and will boost your confidence for the next LSAT logic game. You’ll know you were on the right track. If, on the other hand, you were lucky, reviewing your work will let you know. You won’t blindly carry on mistakenly thinking you have something mastered.

Easy LSAT Prep Tip #5: Get adequate sleep and exercise

OK, maybe this one isn’t easy when you’re trying to balance LSAT prep with all the other stuff in your life. But sleep and exercise help you stay sane and help keep your brain functioning right; both qualities are vital to your LSAT prep. Do what you can.