4 Ways to Pay for the October LSAT Fee

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    The October LSAT is still over two months away, but it’s time to register at a testing center near you, if you haven’t already done so. Don’t procrastinate, because all LSAT testing centers are not created equal. Some testing center are known for being spacious and comfortable, while others are infamous for packing two hundred students into a crammed lecture hall, so do some research and find out which is the best LSAT testing center near you.

    Also, if you’re taking the LSAT on a university campus, be careful to make sure that there will be no tailgating on your testing campus that day, as the October LSAT falls on college football game day. The sound of keg-stands and collegiate marching bands might be something you want to avoid. Testing centers can fill up fast, so register for the October LSAT now and get your first choice. Every year there are a couple nonchalant LSAT students who wait until the last minute to register. Those students can end up having to take a 5-hour road trip just to reach their testing center. Don’t be that guy.

    But before you can even register for the October LSAT, you need to muster up $160 (plus another $155 if you haven’t registered with the LSAC Credential Assembly Service). Yes, I know; quite a hefty chunk of change just to take a test. To help you out with this, I’ve compiled a list of ways to quickly make $160 (that don’t involve sugar daddies):

    1. Ask your parents to invest in you. Break it down for them: you’re most likely going to be a big-shot lawyer in a few years, so for a paltry fee of $160 now, you can promise not to forget them along with all the other little people who you will leave behind.

    2. Sell your junk on Ebay. Whether it be that $500 dollar guitar you used twice, or that fur coat you haven’t worn since being asked if you were Jenny from the block, it’s time you cut your losses and salvage whatever money you still can out of your neglected belongings.

    3. Buy a metal detector and roam the beach looking for buried treasure. This option is perhaps the most intriguing, but you may never recoup the cost spent on buying that metal detector.

    4. Work as an extra on a movie or TV show. Take a step toward being the Hollywood socialite you know you are deep down, and earn some easy bucks at the same time.

    There you have it — four simple ways to rake up $160 for the LSAT that don’t involve selling your blood or having to worry about the moral implications of having your spawn running around somewhere on the face of the earth.

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