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4 Things You Should Do the Day Before the February LSAT

Here at Blueprint LSAT Prep, we like to help you succeed in all areas of your life, so here’s a useful reminder: Valentine’s Day is one week from today. Now you have no excuse to forget about V-Day until you’re on your way home from work and stop at CVS to get some random crap.

But even more importantly, today is the day before the February LSAT. So for those of you who are facing the Big Day on Saturday, today is also “Me Day.” Here’s the run-down on how your day before the February LSAT should look:

What to Do the Day Before the February LSAT I: No studying. Seriously.

I bet you never thought an LSAT instructor would be telling you not to study, and yet here we are. Nothing good can come of studying today – you’re not going to be able to learn anything substantial in one day, and you might even shake your confidence if you attempt anything too tricky. If you don’t study, on the other hand, you’ll be feeling fresh and (relatively) relaxed on LSAT game day.

What to Do the Day Before the February LSAT II: Assemble your materials.

On the morning of the LSAT, you won’t want to worry about anything but getting your butt out the door on time. So take some time today to make sure you have everything you need.

What to Do the Day Before the February LSAT III: Get your “Me Time.”

Over the past few weeks, you probably haven’t had time to do much other than study. Well, here’s your chance to do some of the things you’ve been missing out on! Your goal today should be to keep yourself busy, so make plans to see that movie everyone else is talking about or to reconnect with your long-lost friends. Some exercise is a good idea because it’ll help you fall asleep faster (more on that in a second), but don’t work out so hard that you’ll be sore tomorrow. Just stay occupied as much as you can so that you aren’t stressing too much.

What to Do the Day Before the February LSAT IV: Get to bed early.

You’re going to have to wake up early on Saturday, so you’ll want to get to bed early tonight. As mentioned above, exercise is good for that purpose; you’ll also want to avoid drinks that contain caffeine or alcohol in the afternoon, since those mess with your sleep hormones. Be aware that you still might not sleep well tonight, but that’s okay; LSAT test-day adrenaline will help you feel awake.

And speaking of feeling awake, your routine tomorrow should be the same as it always is. If you don’t normally drink coffee, don’t drink it tomorrow either (unless you want it to look like a four-year-old bubbled in your Scantron). Your goal for tomorrow is to stay in your routine, and your routine is to rock the LSAT.

And that’s it – easy as pie. So buy yourself a box of chocolates and go ham, because today is “Me Day,” and tomorrow is the day you slay the February LSAT. Good luck from all of us here at Blueprint LSAT Prep!