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3 Tips to Stay Sane as We Close In On the October LSAT

The October LSAT is in 30 days. Four weeks plus two days. However you look at it, the October LSAT is sneaking up fast.

If you’re studying for the LSAT, that thought probably doesn’t comfort you right now. You might feel like you have to spend every waking hour between now and the fifth of October thinking about the LSAT.

You might even feel like the LSAT is starting to make you go a little crazy. Don’t let it. Even though you have a lot of work to do in the next four weeks, it’s important that you figure out how to stay sane and avoid burning out. Here are some suggestions:

How to Stay Sane Before the October LSAT I: Take a day away from LSAT prep

You may feel like you can’t afford to take a day off, but the gains to your mental health will more than make up for any time lost.

But here’s the important thing: you have to really get away from the LSAT. You shouldn’t feel pestered by a nagging feeling that you ought to be studying.

So make some plans. Even if it’s a half day, that’s better than nothing. Then, set a goal for what you’re going to have done before your break. Once you get that done, no more LSAT. You’re taking a well-earned break, so don’t even think about it until you’re back.

How to Stay Sane Before the October LSAT II: Reward yourself

The LSAT can seem like an endless pile of things to practice. The 70 or so released LSAT practice tests have enough questions between them to keep you going for quite a while.

So set small goals every day, and decide on small rewards you’ll give yourself for reaching those goals. You can go for food, drink, breaks, or whatever makes you happy.

How to Stay Sane Before the October LSAT III: Get some sleep and exercise

This is hard, I know, when the October LSAT is coming up so soon. But again, the benefits outweigh the losses. If you’re sleep-deprived, you won’t get nearly as much as you can out of all the hours you put into studying. Exercise, too, will help clear and focus your mind. And the LSAT takes all the clarity and focus you can muster.

Above all, keep your eyes on the prize. It’ll all be over and done with before you know it.