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3 LSAT Prep Tips for Studying Over Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time that for many people marks the start of summer, beach trips, drinks in the sun, and wearing white again. For those studying for the June LSAT, though, it more likely brings on panicked thoughts of impending doom. How should you spend your next couple weeks of studying to maximize your success?

Memorial Day Weekend LSAT Prep Tip I: Don’t panic

The vast majority of my students don’t see their biggest LSAT score gains until right before the test. Even if your recent LSAT practice test scores have not been near your goal LSAT score, keep studying as though you’ll take the June LSAT; chances are your LSAT scores will improve drastically as you keep reviewing and drilling weaknesses. However, if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will not be ready for the June LSAT, remember that the deadline to change your LSAT test date to the October LSAT is this Sunday at 11:59 pm ET.

Memorial Day Weekend LSAT Prep Tip II: Don’t over-study

Taking a practice LSAT test every day from now until June 10 might sound like a good idea, but (as you know) practice LSATs are grueling and can leave you feeling like a train ran over your brain. Taking too many LSAT practice tests in a row will quickly get you into the territory of diminishing returns, where you’re taking test after test without actually learning anything from them. You should certainly be taking some practice LSATs — but no more than one every other day. And make sure you’re prioritizing reviewing your LSAT practice tests and working on problem areas right now.

Memorial Day Weekend LSAT Prep Tip III: Give yourself permission to have that mojito in the sun this weekend

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, after all! You should be spending a significant amount of time studying over the next two weeks, but take a day off (or even just an afternoon off) every so often to make sure you don’t get burned out. You’re in the home stretch, but studying for the LSAT is a marathon, not a sprint.
Enjoy the long weekend, everyone. Happy studying, and I’ll see you on the beach!