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2014 June LSAT Instant Recap: What Did You Think?

First off, congratulations on completing the 2014 June LSAT.

Secondly…what did you think?! In the comments below, chime in with your feelings about the June LSAT. How difficult did you find the exam? Which section(s) tripped you up? Which section(s) did you dominate? How distracting was your LSAT proctor?

We want to hear.

Just remember: All comments must be approved. Any posts that violate LSAC’s rules will be trashed. No discussing specific question/answer content or pinpointing experimental sections, got it? If your comment isn’t approved, it’s probably because you broke the rules.

OK, here’s the intel we’ve collected about the 2014 June LSAT so far:

The one theme that’s emerged from the June LSAT was a particularly difficult and strange Logic Game. Something about its setup threw a lot test-takers for a loop. It will be interesting to break this one down when LSAC releases the June LSAT in a few weeks.

It also sounds like Reading Comprehension wasn’t too kind, either (but that’s usually what most people say after every LSAT).

Meanwhile, responses for Logical Reasoning seem to indicate it was pretty standard.

We’ll keep updating as more info comes in. In the meantime, let us know what you thought of the 2014 June LSAT in the comments.