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2013 December LSAT Instant Recap

It really is the most wonderful time of the year.

The December LSAT is over.

If you’re here, that means you’re ready to dive right in and discuss the 2013 December LSAT. I’m right with you, but remember: LSAC prohibits talking about LSATs in great detail. We can discuss which sections were toughest, and which were easiest, but we can’t talk about the content of specific questions — especially anything to do with which sections were experimental. If your comment is not approved by the LSAT blog moderator, that means you violated LSAC’s policy in some way.

Now let’s get to it. Reports have been trickling in, and here’s what people are saying so far about the 2013 December LSAT:

A lot of mixed feelings. Of those on the more depressed side, it sounds like there were some sections of the December LSAT which were of particular difficulty — especially a Logical Reasoning section that a large number of test-takers are praying was experimental.

There’s also some chatter about a time-sucking Logic Game, and a wordy Reading Comp passage. Then again, there’s always going to be some tough questions that stand out on every LSAT. Plus, who likes Reading Comp? Honestly?

Anyway, that’s what we’re hearing so far about the 2013 December LSAT. We’ll keep you posted with updates as they come in.

For now, though, let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. Remember: Nothing too specific, or it won’t be approved.

Also, how do you plan to celebrate tonight? That’s always the most important part of LSAT test day.

*UPDATE: As if December LSAT test-takers in the midwest didn’t have enough weather to deal with, one test-taker in Oklahoma reports there was a 4.5-magnitude earthquake during today’s exam. Yikes!