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2011: A New Year of LSAT

Another year of the LSAT, coming at you, courtesy of 2011.

Looking back, 2010 was a pretty whatever year, I’ve gotta say. Nothing that big happened in the world at large. This is probably going to be the least memorable Oscar season in years. Everybody seemed to forget about politics. As Todd pointed out, people got all excited about some pre-pubescent girl, but honestly Justin Bieber will only be remembered by excited pedophile cultural historians. Seriously, what big happened? Something that you’ll remember as being a defining point five years from now? That’s right, chums, nothing.

Even in the relatively small world of the LSAT, not a lot happened (other than us releasing a super-fine online LSAT course). People got all butthurt about stone and mulch, but that wasn’t all that big a deal. There were no game-changers like the introduction of comparative reading (2007) or infamous problems like the mauve dinosaur game (2009).

What will 2011 have in store? Well, we’ll be coming up on the 20th anniversary of the modern LSAT. This is actually pretty impressive, as the LSAT never before lasted this long unchanged. For nearly twenty years, there have been two Logical Reasonings, a Reading Comp, and a Games, with an experimental thrown in for flavor. And we probably won’t see any this changed in 2011, either. The LSAT is relatively good at predicting law school success, so this seems to be a beast we’ll be living with into 2011 and beyond. Which is as annoying for those going to law school as it is profitable for those who teach the test. So we sympathize, but we’re not complaining.

For a lot of you, 2011 will mark your first year of law school. Which is super exciting. You should resolve to enjoy the next 8 months to the best of your ability. You should resolve to then work insanely hard, because you’ll have to. But in a good way.

For others, 2011 will mark the start of your LSAT studying. If you’re shooting for June, which is for many reasons possibly the best time to take the test, you’ll start the studying in a few months. Enjoy them, because you, too, will be working insanely hard. Also in a good way. But less so.

For the select few, it’ll mean coming up with LSAT-related blog topics a whole 52 times.

Anyway, here’s to another year of 4 LSATs, a lot of studying, and the never-ceasing forward marching of time.