20% Off Tutoring Extravaganza Ends TOMORROW!

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    Boy, that June LSAT is just right around the corner, isn’t it? Yup. Just 37 days. Oh, what’s that? You didn’t realize it? It’s closer than you thought, and you need some help bumping that score up a few points?

    Well, if you want to get the best personalized LSAT instruction available, now is the time to do it. All Blueprint tutoring packages, from two hours up to, like, infinity hours, are 20% off. But there’s not just a whole lot of time left for you to get on this deal. At 3 pm PST — that’s noon on the East Coast, folks — this deal is as over as Jersey Shore. What’s Jersey Shore you ask? Exactly.

    All Blueprint tutors, many of whom are also classroom instructors, have scored 170 or better on an actual LSAT and have gone through extensive and rigorous training. A tutor will help you diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and develop a targeted plan that you can execute during study time.

    Simply use coupon code SAVE20 at checkout, and the discount is automatically applied. Questions? Email info@blueprintlsat.com or call 888-4-BP-PREP.

    Good luck and happy studying!

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