20% Off December LSAT-Crushing Blueprint Tutoring, This Week Only!

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    The door is rapidly closing on your opportunity to put up a dream law school-worthy LSAT score for admission next year. In fact, the December exam — a frighteningly close 47 days away — is your last chance at applying to most law schools.

    You could slash away at practice exams like you’ve been doing. Or do hour after hour of practice questions with no end in sight. Or read through your materials over and over again hoping to find some secret that you haven’t yet picked up on, a secret that’ll give you that weighty score jump you’ve been hoping for. But you’ve been doing all that, to no avail. Continuing to do the same thing that hasn’t worked already is, as we’ve all been told a million times, the definition of insanity.

    What you need is the help of an LSAT professional, someone to sit down beside you and guide you to where you want to be. Blueprint tutors are the best in the business at doing just that. Why take multiple stabs in the dark at what you ought to be doing when someone can show you?

    All Blueprint tutors, unlike all the others out there:

    — scored in the 99th percentile on a real LSAT, meaning that, if you put one in a room with 100 other people who took the LSAT, he or she would probably have the top score.
    — were personally trained by Blueprint’s founders in Blueprint’s proven method for LSAT dominance.
    — were screened not just for understanding of the exam, but the ability to deliver instruction in a clear and engaging manner.
    — have access to Blueprint’s powerful online resources, resources that can help you drill down to your weaknesses and tackle them head on.

    Even at full price, failing to get this kind of help so close to the big day would be saving a few dollars on the front end only to lose it on the back end. Think a year’s lost lawyer wages because you postpone law school for another year. Think higher tuition because you didn’t put up a scholarship-worthy score.

    However, this week only, tutoring is 20% off. That’s all tutoring packages, from two hours to our 30- and 60-hour premium packages.

    Don’t wait until Friday, however, to jump on this opportunity. As soon as you sign up, you can coordinate with your tutor and get the ball rolling.

    Even if there’s not a Blueprint instructor in your area, tutors are available via Skype.

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