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101 Posts of LSAT Goodness

Today we’re celebrating a very important event — Most Strongly Supported’s 101st Post! (Cue fanfare and streamers.) We have loved having you as readers and getting the chance to help prepare you for the LSAT and your legal career. In honor of these last few months, we thought we’d celebrate by looking back on some of the highlights of these last 101 entries.

Best Blog Comments
Our readers have left some pretty classic comments, making it hard to just pick a few. Here were some of our favorites:

From James Swift, on Dixie’s From the Mouths of 1Ls:
“He was still staring at me, “Wait, what was it you said again?” At least the look of horror was fading from his face.
His response confirmed it, “Yes, I assumed.” The urge to melt into the floor increased.
And then his hand slowly grazed mine and I knew Edward Cullen was not a Japanese law student, but a vampire. And that I loved him.”

From Jenny Pool, on Riley’s The “New” Law School Rankings:
“If I could combine my two great loves- law and cow tipping- I would in a heartbeat. Although I do hope to go to a higher ranked school. Alas.”

From Zach Kim, on Riley’s Taking a Page from the LSAT Playbook:
“That was the most intense experience of my life. Not because the exam was hard (I expected that shit), but because there were people throwing up, pacing, sweating, shaking, hyperventilating, blasting classical music, DOING PROBLEMS???, farting, crying, and twitching before the exam. I won’t even go into what some of the “Backstage” parents were doing! Asian parents are crazy! Gotta love my own brand! “Dis eees da mos impotont day of yo liiiiffe! If you come home with score berow 179, I kiwwww youuuu!”

From Matt Furley, on Colin’s Pterodactyl Ptime!:
“I’m stuck on the smoking pot cures herpes thing. (I don’t have herpes.)”

Best Blog Quotes
There have been some pretty ridiculous things written in these pages, but these are some of our favorite statements uttered by our bloggers:

Colin, in his Haunted LSAT Problems:
“One- and two-year-olds are too small and weak to really put up a fight, so there’s no reason to waste money on candy or chips; you just grab and go.”

Riley, in his LSAT Scores: Three Weeks of Waiting:
“In three weeks, I think LSAC could snail mail all the answer sheets over to India, train a team of underprivileged, young children to quickly recognize the first five letters of our alphabet, and have this highly-trained Indian dream team score all of the tests by hand.”

Dixie, in From the Mouths of 1Ls:
“Fact is, though, give me some vindaloo and naan, and I’ll put it back while telling you to “Shut your —- mouth, —–sucker.”

Trent, in Smart Drugs and the LSAT:
“It’s not unreasonable to assume these drugs would be abused by the anxious or over-zealous. I drink too much coffee. A girl in one of my classes has an Altoid addiction that makes Amy Winehouse look like the Snow White. Riley drinks too much. Like way too much. Like Leaving Las Vegas too much.”

And finally, we leave you with some other things that number 101…

…The number of Birkenstocks in Colin’s collection
…The number of drinks Dixie can throw back in a week
…The number of days Trent can suffer in a row
…The amount of money spent on Riley’s faux-Western shirt
…The number of years MSS will continue to provide you with all the LSAT info you need (awww)

We have much more in the works for MSS, so keep reading!