The Secret USMLE Study Skill that No One is Telling You

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • One of the highest obstacles to overcome when approaching medical school curriculum is dealing with the astronomical volume of information that you’re expected to memorize. At MST, we speak a lot about the importance of selecting appropriate resources, building detailed schedules and utilizing study aids such as flashcards. All of these are imperative for any student planning to maximize efficiency and score high on Step 1.

    However, many of our students come to us expecting far more than structure. They want to know the “secrets”  the things you cannot find in some forgotten corner of the Internet. What they’re really asking, I think, is, “Please help me think like you do so that I can not only memorize this information, but use it effectively.” If you’ve already taken NBME or USMLE exams, you are familiar with the concept of two- and three-part questions. It is rarely enough to simply know the anti-pseudomonal antibiotics.