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Stop, Click and Listen: 4 Study Break-Worthy Podcasts All Med Students Should Know

The world is changing, kids. Podcasts are the new TV. Really! (Sorta true.) There’s a bit of a renaissance happening and we think you should know about it and partake of its bounty.

Aside from our beloved My First Cadaver — which, come on, is totally on your phone right now — we thought we could make a few suggestions to help you round out your medically-themed podcast repertoire.


Radiolab is the quintessential smart-person science podcast that’s not necessarily just for scientists. Always interesting. Always fun. Lots of stories related to medicine told very, very well. If you are a podcast listener, this is far from a newsflash item. But if you are new to the genre, we are here to tell you: This is it. Start here. Add it to your podcast listening app immediately.


Radiolab and This American Life (the podcasting gold standard) had a baby and this baby is Invisibilia. And Invisibilia really is a baby podcast. It only recently had its first season and is preparing the premiere of Season 2, but damn is it good! It has the joyful curiosity about science and medicine of Radiolab and the pulsing heart of This American Life. The show is produced and hosted by former producers of both shows, so with those genes it’s no surprise that this kid’s gorgeous.


Now, the premise here is a wife (a doctor) and her husband (a comedian) talk about different medical topics every week. Seriously though, Sawbones had us at the intro. It’s great. Although it may be listed in the comedy category, there’s real medical history being discussed in between the banter and the jokes. We promise you it’s a worthy diversion—and we know how busy you are.

TED Talks Science and Medicine

Come on. You know what this is and you know you should be listening to it. It’s every bit as amazing as you imagined, and no matter what you think, you do have time. The speakers are engaging, brilliant, and inspiring and the topics are fascinating. You want to save world? Here’s your master class.

This seems to be a reasonable place to begin. So, go forth and download or stream and press play. And grow and laugh and learn something—something that isn’t on a flashcard. The USMLE or MCAT will still be there in 23 minutes. Truly. It’s okay.

P.S. – My First Cadaver just released Episode 7: My First Full Moon right in time for Halloween. Enjoy!

My First Cadaver

Episode 7: My First Full Moon

Science kind of shakes its head at the whole “lunar effect” phenomenon, but ask an OB/GYN or emergency medicine doc, and they will tell you that some of their craziest experiences occurred during full moons. So skeptics, consider yourselves on notice.