Ramp Up Your Prep With Sketchy

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • Medical school is hard. With a myriad of medical facts to learn and a packed curriculum to follow, you may be wondering, “Where do I even start?” You might feel like you’re trying to empty an ocean with a teaspoon; however, there are useful resources for any kind of learner that can come in handy during this time. If you’re struggling with memorization, incorporating a “method of loci” focused resource may be the right call to revolutionize your recall.

    Enter Sketchy! For years, Sketchy has been in the top 5 resources added to Cram Fighter study plans. Let’s take a closer look at Sketchy and how you can incorporate it into your Cram Fighter study plan.

    Who is Sketchy? 

    Built by medical students for medical students, Sketchy presents bulky medical concepts in the form of short, fun videos, providing you with a framework to memorize necessary information. Sketchy ties together large swaths of related facts in their colorful visual lessons using stories that will really stick in your memory. 

    You get both preclinical and clinical content as a part of any Sketchy Medical subscription, so you can use Sketchy as a resource throughout your entire medical journey. Sketchy Preclinical consists of courses inMicro, Pharm, Path, Biochem, Anatomy, and Physio. Sketchy Clinical includes the following subjects: Internal Medicine, Ob/Gyn, Surgery and Pediatrics. Each collection includes an abundance of detailed lessons and supplemental tools. 

    How does it work? 

    Sketchy is based around the method of loci, also known as memory palace techniques.  This method uses spatial learning to enhance the recall of information. Humor and entertaining visuals keep you focused and help encode information actively. Visual clues are fun, interesting, and consistent. They use the same characters/colors/signs to represent concepts from beginning to end, thus incorporating spaced repetition and improving long-term retention significantly. 

    To improve information retention even further, Sketchy’s lessons are accompanied by illustrated review cards to solidify what you’ve learned and help you recall the material. Sketchy also offers board style quiz questions and subject customizable quizzes, so you can test your knowledge and review key material at any time.

    The Sketchy team is constantly working on updating information and adding new videos and supplemental tools to cover even more material, and working with our team here at Cram Fighter to make sure you can incorporate the latest Sketchy releases into your study schedule. 

    Using Cram Fighter with Sketchy 

    Adding your Sketchy resources to Cram Fighter is fast and easy! If you’re new to Cram Fighter, you’ll want to make sure to choose the relevant Sketchy resources you want to add to your study plan during the Add Resources step of your study plan setup.

    You’ll tell us what you’re studying for and how long you want to study, then add all the resources you’re using to generate your unique study plan. Cram Fighter will even make sure that Sketchy videos are placed in your schedule alongside materials from other resources that cover the same topics, for a fully aligned studying experience!

    If you’ve already got a Cram Fighter study plan set up, choose to Add More Resources and select the Sketchy materials you want to add. For ease of use, Cram Fighter has split Sketchy resources so that you’re able to add all Sketchy Preclinical or Sketchy Clinical resources with a single step, or, if you prefer to add just a few subjects, you can select those sub-courses individually when adding resources. Then, simply follow the steps to rebalance your plan and you’ll be ready to go!