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Med School Tutors Joins the Blueprint Test Prep Family!

We are very excited to announce that Med School Tutors has joined forces with Blueprint Test Prep!

Almost 16 years ago, Med School Tutors was created from the belief that one-on-one attention and tutoring for the USMLE & COMLEX could not only help medical students excel on their exams, but could also help set them up for greater long-term success in the careers of their dreams.

Over the years, we expanded our signature 1:1 tutoring longitudinally into medical school, residency and even into pre-med work. We admired a company called Next Step/Blueprint, because we often heard from med students that they had gotten top-notch MCAT tutoring with them.

One fortuitous day brought both the Blueprint and Med School Tutors teams together. For both teams, just as with our 1:1 tutoring relationships, the synergy and passion — for teaching and providing students with the most personalized, expert tutoring — propelled us to officially unite our pre-med and medical worlds!

Who is Blueprint Test Prep?

Like Med School Tutors, Blueprint was founded by veteran instructors who believe not just in the power of one-on-one tutoring, but most especially that students will learn more if they are having fun.

Blueprint’s revolutionary adaptive learning platform produces the best results in test prep. Like MST, they obsess over the success of their students, who trust us with their medical dreams, and we deliver. Now, after more than 16 years in business, Blueprint is one of the largest test prep organizations in the nation.

Study planning is in Blueprint’s heritage, and the Blueprint study planner set them apart. We collectively understand how critical a personalized, no-fluff study plan is to staying on track and performing at your very best, and that shared vision is one of the many that brought Blueprint and Med School Tutors together.

Bottom Line:

Med School Tutors is still the same, trusted 1:1 medical tutoring team you know and love. In everything we do at MST & Blueprint, we’re focused on our students’ success and providing the best, personalized tutoring and study schedules, and all-around support from Day One.

Now as partners with Blueprint Prep — and our sister company Cram Fighter — we can even better support your entire pre-med and medical education journey, and help you develop the foundation to thrive in your career!