Match Week: Navigating the Mess with Know-How, SOAP & Water

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • Updated Feb 2021. We’re back to answer all of your Match Day and SOAP questions in these videos, including two recent webinars and one of our all-time top-viewed Facebook Live Q&A.

    To quote Leila, “It’s Match Week and we know you have questions about the SOAP… but furthermore, we know you have unspoken questions about what it means to not match into your first choice or match at all. Whether you are an applicant, or a support system for an applicant, we have the answers to your questions!”

    Topics covered:

    • Logistics of not matching and navigating the SOAP
    • Addressing the emotional aftermath of not matching (or not matching into your first choice)
    • Making the most of this networking opportunity (for those who matched and didn’t match)