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Introducing Cram Fighter 2.0: The Ultimate USMLE and COMLEX Study Planner

Blueprint Test Prep Launches the New Cram Fighter Study Planner: Updated. Enhanced. Still Unmatched.

Medical students, 2022 is going to be your year! Blueprint Test Prep—the company that’s helped thousands of students crush the MCAT to get into med school—is now setting its sights on helping students get through medical school. After months of intense development and behind-the-scenes action, the new Cram Fighter is finally here and better than ever!

It’s still the powerful study planning tool used by thousands of med school students each year, but thanks to Blueprint’s technology and data prowess, it’s now even easier to create and manage your personalized study plan for your USMLE and COMLEX board exams. Less stress for more success!

** NOTE: For Cram Fighter students who subscribed prior to 1/11/22, don’t worry: You can still access your existing study schedule by logging in here Bookmark this page and continue using Cram Fighter as usual!

What is Blueprint Medical?

For more than a decade, Blueprint Test Prep has garnered a reputation for helping pre-med students achieve life-changing MCAT scores through a first-of-its-kind customizable study planner tool, personalized curricula, realistic practice exams, advanced test performance analytics, and the most engaging content taught by 99th+ percentile instructors.

In 2021, Cram Fighter and Med School Tutors joined the Blueprint team, forming Blueprint Medical to fully support students along their entire medical journey, from pre-med through residency and the career of their dreams. The road to becoming a doctor is full of critical challenges, from getting into med school to choosing your specialty, board exams, and residency matching—and now, you can use Blueprint Medical to put the entire puzzle together.

Introducing the New Cram Fighter Study Planner

You can imagine what a beast board exams are with the sheer amount of material you’ll need to master to succeed. Trying to create your own study plan from scratch can be a confusing, time-consuming process for any high-stakes exam from resource overload to struggling with spreadsheets and trying to edit your schedule when things change (because let’s face it, things always change over the course of months of studying). When you create your own schedule from scratch, you might end up with one that isn’t detailed enough to stay on track or covers only part of the material you need, leading you to waste hours on planning that should be spent on actually studying—or just enjoying your life!

What Cram Fighter does is simple: It takes the stress out of organizing and dividing up the resources you want to cover for USMLE, COMLEX, or your Shelf exams and maps them out in a detailed study plan that allows you to see exactly what to do each day. With Cram Fighter, you’ll boost your confidence by knowing that you are on track with a plan that covers every topic you’ll need to know for your upcoming exam. The truth is, everyone needs to adjust their study schedule at some point, so a flexible schedule will save you time that otherwise would be spent editing your plan each day.

Cram Fighter 2.0 is the same but better, thanks to input from hundreds of med students and Cram Fighter learners. Using this data, the new Cram Fighter will help relieve the most common pain points and reduce the stress of exam prep to help you succeed.

The result? The best med school study planner, powerful enough to take you from student to doctor with less stress and more success.

Check Out How You Can Level Up with Cram Fighter!

Streamlined Study Schedule Creation

The Cram Fighter streamlined study schedule creation process makes it much easier to jump in and create your first study schedule. You can now build a detailed plan in just a couple of clicks, and then further customize your schedule later.

Data-Driven Resource Recommendations

You can use Resource Bundles to help guide your resource selection, based on data of what tens of thousands of med school students add to their Cram Fighter study plans. Resource Bundles are optimized for your study objective and schedule length and allow you to select one, customize it, or create your own.

Take the Stress Out of Falling Behind

Almost everyone falls behind on their schedule. In fact, the average student makes over 10 edits to their Step 1 study plan. Instead of spending hours realigning a schedule in a spreadsheet, use Cram Fighter’s magical rebalance feature to move overdue tasks to future days in one click. Getting back on track has never been easier.

Align Your Schedule with Your Courses

Study more efficiently by lining up the subjects or systems you’re reviewing for your exams with your class schedule. Drag and drop your schedule into an order that lines up with your school syllabus and set due dates to correspond with your classes.

Create Your Cram Fighter Study Plan Now

Cram Fighter 2.0 is ready for you to jump right in and explore! You can sign up for a free trial account and create a personalized study schedule in just a couple of clicks to see how Cram Fighter can take the stress out of exam prep.