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How to Create a Study Plan for Your Classes With Cram Fighter

Get organized this semester with Cram Fighter. Stay on top of your med school classes, plus give yourself an edge on the boards.

Why Make a Study Schedule for Your Courses?

Did you know you can add your classes to Cram Fighter? If you add your courses to Cram Fighter, you can be reminded to review each lecture, completing the reading for class, and study for quizzes and exams. As a professional student, it really helps to automate your study planning so you stay on top of your classes.

You can even choose to add Step 1 resources to supplement your classes. Medical students say that using these resources now has several advantages.

  1. You’ll familiarize yourself with resources that you will come to rely on during Step studying
  2. You may even find these resources boost your score on your class exams. Check out this interview with a University of Texas med student who did just that.

Adding a course to Cram Fighter

If you’re already a Cram Fighter user, you can simply add your course by going to the Edit schedule page, and clicking add course. If you don’t see this option, make sure you have an institution and graduation year chosen. To add this information, click on your name in the upper right and select Account from the dropdown menu.

Don’t worry if you don’t find your course in our supported course list! You’ll see an option to add it yourself at the bottom of the list. We encourage you to send us your syllabus. We’ll add your course for you! Email syllabi to Make sure the syllabi includes (at least) the name of the course, lecture dates, and lecture titles.

Need help?

If you need help adding a course to Cram Fighter, feel free to send us an email or reach out to us on live chat. Our live chat box is available on any page.

For a step by step, visual guide, check out our video on how to add a course to Cram Fighter.

About the Author

Erica Forrette is the former Director of Marketing at Cram Fighter.