Cram Fighter Partners with BoardVitals to Provide Shelf Exam Resources

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • Learn how Cram Fighter and BoardVitals are teaming up to bring medical students early access to some new resources as they prepare for Shelf exams.

    We’re excited to announce our new collaboration with BoardVitals, a leader in online medical and healthcare specialty exams and continuing education. Through our collaboration, BoardVitals will provide benefits to Cram Fighter customers as they prepare for the Shelf Exams during the course of their medical education journeys.

    BoardVitals helps practitioners prepare for licensing and initial certification exams, maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements, and continuing professional education, covering more than 50 specialty areas and exams.

    Starting July 10, BoardVitals will partner with Cram Fighter to offer 3 free bonuses to help them prepare for their NBME Shelf Exams:

    1. An insider PDF guide, “The Complete Guide to Medical Residency”
    2. A special 20% discount on any BoardVitals USMLE or Shelf Exam Question Bank
    3. A one-month free trial to BoardVitals Shelf Exam Question Banks, with free access to 6,000 practice questions

    These free bonuses will be available to medical students who subscribe to Cram Fighter to create study plans for their Shelf exams.

    We’re looking forward to providing these value-added materials and working with the noted experts at BoardVitals to help our customers prepare for these crucial exams. In order to get these bonuses, visit and select any plan, and then select one of the seven supported Shelf exams. We recommend choosing the 12-month plan so students can use Cram Fighter for all the upcoming Shelf exams, plus the Step 2 CK at the end of the third year.

    About the Author

    Erica Forrette is the former Director of Marketing at Cram Fighter.