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Blueprint’s Med School Study Planner Now Supports the Emergency Medicine Shelf

Med students can now study for the EM Shelf with Cram Fighter!

To be as comprehensive a resource for medical students as possible, we have recently added support for the Emergency Medicine shelf exam. Students who need to prepare a study plan for the EM shelf can now pick from several popular Emergency Medicine shelf study resources to add to their Cram Fighter study plan.

We consulted with our network of Campus Heroes and did our own research to learn what resources would be most useful to med students preparing to take the EM shelf. The Case Files Emergency Medicine and First Aid for the Emergency Medicine Clerkship books came up frequently, as did the Rosh Review question bank, so we’ve added those along with additional EM shelf study resources, including other popular books and qbanks we came across.

With the addition of support for the Emergency Medicine shelf exam, we now support study resources for a total of 8 different shelf exams that med students may encounter as they go through their clinical rotations. Cram Fighter can also support study plans for these shelf exams:

We hope that you find our support of the Emergency Medicine shelf exam useful on your journey through the clinical rotations portion of medical school. To personally experience how Cram Fighter can help you build an EM shelf exam study plan in just a few minutes, sign up for a free 7-day trial here. Good luck on your exams!

About the Author

Erica Forrette is the former Director of Marketing at Cram Fighter.