Blueprint’s Med School Study Planner Joins the Test Prep Family

  • /Reviewed by: Amy Rontal, MD
  • Cram Fighter and Blueprint are joining forces to better support you through your journey to the career of your dreams!

    We are excited to announce that Cram Fighter has joined the Blueprint Test Prep family! Cram Fighter was created with the goal of helping med school students achieve board exam success by helping them create and manage a personalized study schedule, and as a Blueprint Test Prep company we can do even more to help you stay on track through med school to the career of your dreams.

    The bottom line: Cram Fighter is still the same study planning tool you know and love. By joining forces with Blueprint Test Prep we can better support you through your full med school journey.

    Who is Blueprint Test Prep?

    Blueprint was founded by veteran instructors who believe in one simple idea: Students will learn more if they are having fun. Our revolutionary adaptive learning platform produces the best results in test prep. We obsess over the success of our students. They trust us with their med school dreams, and we deliver. Now, after more than 15 years in business, Blueprint is one of the largest test prep companies in the nation.

    Study planning is in our heritage, and the Blueprint study planner set us apart from other exam prep companies. We understand how crucial a good, personalized study plan is to staying on track and performing your very best, and that shared vision is what brought Blueprint and Cram Fighter together.

    Our goal is to be there with our students from pre-med all the way through their med school career and help them become the amazing doctors they aspire to be.

    What’s Changing?

    We’re always looking for ways to make Cram Fighter better for students like you, and listening to your feedback has led to some of our most beloved features, like Study Blocks and our magical Rebalance button. Joining the Blueprint Test Prep family means we can better learn what you want and need for your med school success, and bring these new features to you more quickly.

    That being said, Cram Fighter users will have no significant changes to your account or study plan – we want to ensure you can stay focused on studying. For now, the only thing that’s changed is the new tagline on our logo!

    In the long term, we want to build on what’s working and help raise your study planning to the next level. We’ll be extending more opportunities for you to share your thoughts on how we can improve Cram Fighter and make it both more useful and easier to use.

    Have a Question?

    If you have any questions about Cram Fighter moving forward, please email us at We’re here to help you succeed!

    About the Author

    Jonathan Zeitlin is a Brand Manager for Blueprint Test Prep with over 10 years of experience in education and ed-tech. He has a B.A. from UCLA.