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Best Qbanks for Step 2 CK

  • by Mike Lodato
  • May 12, 2021
  • Reviewed by: Amy Rontal

We breakdown the most popular qbanks for Step 2 CK studying.

Step 2 CK is the second exam in the “Step” sequence administered by the USMLE. The CK stands for Clinical Knowledge, and accordingly, the exam covers medical students’ knowledge of the clinical sciences and their patient care skills. Most med students take the USMLE Step 2 CK after their 3rd year rotations, so that they have some exposure to clinical settings. We cover more about the content of the Step 2 CK exam here.

To prepare for the USMLE Step 2 CK, many students utilize a qbank to help them retain the case and clinical information they’ll be tested on. Here at Cram Fighter, we track the resources we most often see our customers adding to their Step 2 CK study schedules, and report on the top resources in our regularly-updated list of Most Popular Step 2 CK Study Resources.

As we’ve noted on that page, the most popular resources our customers add to their Step 2 CK study plans aren’t necessarily the best ones, but if you’re wondering what to choose for your study schedule, it’s a good starting point. With this in mind, the most popular qbank for Step 2 CK is UWorld. UWorld is added to (as of April 2021) over 84% of our customers’ study schedules for Step 2 CK.

UWorld is considered by many medical students to be an indispensable study tool for all of the Step exams. The UWorld Step 2 CK qbank contains 3,800 sample questions which can be used for both Step 2 CK as well as Shelf exams. The UWorld software interface is very similar to the actual exam, which can help students get accustomed to the test-taking setting in advance. UWorld also offers students the ability to make customized flashcards, and to see highlights of their relative strengths and weaknesses among the subject areas. Depending on the plan you choose, you can also get self-assessments so you can measure your progress. Pricing for the UWorld Step 2 CK qbank ranges from $269 to $519 depending on the duration of access and features you choose.

The second most popular qbank in our list of most popular Step 2 CK study resources, is OnlineMedEd Clinical. It isn’t technically “only” a qbank, but the paid subscription option includes a 1,200-question qbank. Currently, it’s been added to over 40% of our customers’ Step 2 CK study schedules. OnlineMedEd’s core offering includes over 70 hours of videos, plus 2,000 companion flashcards, 400 pages of notes, and a mobile app. You can try OnlineMedEd Clinical for $0.99 for the first month or $365 for a year of access.

Rounding out the Step 2 CK qbanks in our top 10 most-popular Step 2 study resources, is the AMBOSS Step 2 CK qbank. It’s been added to 14% of our customers’ Step 2 study schedules as of April 2021. The AMBOSS Step 2 CK qbank consists of 2,400 questions, which are cross-linked to articles that cover the topics in the question. AMBOSS offers a “Highlighting” tool which allows you to see the most important information in each question, and subscription includes access to a companion iOS or Android app. A 5-day free trial of AMBOSS is available, or you can try their 30-day Step 2 CK study plan. Membership to AMBOSS is $9.99/month.

Keep an eye on Cram Fighter’s Most Popular Step 2 CK Study Resources page as it’s updated regularly with our customers’ resource information. Need help organizing your study materials? Check out our sample Step 2 CK study schedules in 4-week or 10-week durations. To try Cram Fighter for yourself, sign up for a free 7-day trial.