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10 Best Gifts for Med Students: What They *Really* Want for the Holidays

  • by Ami Shiddapur
  • Dec 21, 2022

Do you have someone in your life who is chronically stressed and doesn’t buy anything for themselves because they’re practicing delayed gratification? If so, it’s probably a medical student that could use a nice holiday gift. Here are some of the best gifts for med students that they’ll happily use every day!

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Top 10 Gifts for Med Students (That They’ll Actually Use!)

1. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

From loud roommates to crying babies on planes, your medical student will have to study through it all. Having a great set of noise-cancelling headphones will get rid of background sounds and allow them to watch all of their lectures (or Netflix, we won’t judge). 

2. Compression Socks

Picture this: you’re a medical student on your surgery rotation. It’s your fifth-hour standing, craning over the surgeon’s shoulder, hoping you can identify the structure he’s pointing at. Your feet really, really hurt. Good news—although you can’t fix the pain in their heart when they get the question wrong, you can fix the pain in their feet. Grab your med student a set of nice compression socks!

3. Sunrise Alarm Clock

On some of their tougher rotations, your med student will probably wake up before the sun comes up. A sunrise alarm clock simulates sunlight and gets progressively brighter close to wake-up time, easing their circadian rhythm into a new routine. 

4. Coffee Machine

Speaking of items that help with morning grouchiness, an automated coffee machine is a godsend to a caffeine-addicted med student. If they’re not a coffee person, an electric tea kettle will do the job!

5. Travel Mug

Of course, you need to be able to carry said caffeinated beverage safely throughout the hospital and library without any spill risk. These flasks will keep their drinks warm and hearts pumping (maybe a bit too fast).

6. Set of Pens

Now picture this: you’re on your rotation with your favorite pen in your pocket. Your resident asks, “Does anyone have a pen?” Eagerly, you hand them the pen and they promise to give it back. This happens every day for a month until you realize the pens are never going to return. Buy your medical student pens in bulk—I promise, they will thank you. 

7. Fleece Jacket

Every medical student knows that the white coat is slowly being replaced by a gray fleece jacket as the true symbol of authority in the hospital. (Don’t ask us why it happened, it just did.) Keep your medical student cozy and fashionable this winter! 

8. Sleep Set

On night shifts, your nocturnal medical student will love having ways to channel their inner vampire and block out the sun. This satin sleep mask and pillowcase set should do the trick. 

9. Scrubs

What better gift to get your med student than something they’ll wear every day? They’ll think of you fondly each time someone sneezes a little too close to their shiny new scrubs. Stick with colors most hospitals will allow such as black, navy, and ceil blue. 

10. Comfortable Sneakers

Whether your medical student is running around the hospital or running away from their problems, a comfortable set of shoes is key. Many healthcare workers swear by the New Balances for standing all day. Other great options are OnClouds (more expensive) and Asics sneakers (less expensive).

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