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What Type of Doctor Should I Be? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

The AAMC states there are more than 135 different medical specialties doctors can choose from, though you’ve probably spent more time daydreaming about becoming the next Dr. Grey than you’d like to admit. But have you ever stopped to wonder what kind of doctor might fit your personality? Because let’s face it, not all doctors are cut from the same surgical cloth—and that’s a good thing!

Some doctors are all business, analyzing everything like their clues to a larger puzzle, while others combine their strong empathy with their passion for teaching. And then there are those doctors who are advocates for both patients and healthcare workers alike on Capitol Hill. The medical field needs all types of doctors and providers!

So, instead of diving into your pile of MCAT flashcards, answering today’s set of MCAT practice questions, or watching your next MCAT prep module, take a break and complete our “What Type of Doctor Should I Be?” quiz!

But remember, don’t take these results too seriously. Ultimately, the best way to figure out what kind of doctor you want to be is through experience. Get out there and start shadowing, volunteering, and working in healthcare settings to learn more about what you enjoy and what you want to be.

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