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Free Pre-Med Valentine’s Day Cards

Dating as a pre-med is hard. Between classes, MCAT prep, externships, and volunteering, finding enough time to be in a relationship–much less find someone to start one with–is near impossible. So, we decided to help you out with our pre-med Valentine’s Day cards. Each card was lovingly drawn by our artist-in-residence and features a pun any future doctor will appreciate because everyone likes a good cheesy pun! Download and share one with your lab crush to test for any chemistry or share them on social media as a VDay treat for your followers! And if you do happen to be in a relationship and totally forgot it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, don’t worry; send one of these e-cards and some chocolate and you’ll be set. For a truly awesome gift, add an MCAT course or book!

Download all 4 cards here or check them out below!

MCAT Valentine 1

MCAT Valentine 2

MCAT Valentine 3

MCAT Valentine 4

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