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Next Step is now a Blueprint Prep Company

  • by Fehbe Meza
  • Jan 10, 2020
  • MCAT Blog

Have you noticed some changes to the Next Step site? Let’s talk about them!

Next Step Test Prep is excited to announce a merger with Blueprint Test Prep to unite both companies’ unrivaled expertise in test prep and commitments to providing students with the best MCAT and LSAT prep. Blueprint will become Next Step’s parent company, allowing Next Step to continue providing the same MCAT content for prep materials, the online course, and tutoring services it’s known for—but now made even better with a little help from tech, video animation, and data analytics.

Next Step was founded in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating the most authentic and representative MCAT prep materials available. Our Education-First Philosophy propelled Next Step to become a leader in MCAT prep, helping equip the doctors of tomorrow with the skills—and scores—needed to succeed in medical school.

Blueprint LSAT, founded in 2005 by Matt Riley and Trent Teti, was born out of a simple premise: Students learn better when they’re having fun. Over the past 15 years, Blueprint never wavered from that guiding principle, which coupled with a proven curriculum and advanced test-taking analytics, allowed them to create effective LSAT prep courses that produce life-changing score increases without putting students to sleep. As one of the largest LSAT prep companies in the country, Blueprint is poised to change the test prep world by bringing its culture of engaging and effective learning via the latest in technology, analytics and video production to a different student population.

The shared goal of helping their students succeed made the choice a no-brainer, but the merger between Blueprint and Next Step did not happen overnight. In 2018, the companies came together for the first time. Within these last two years, small Blueprint footprints began appearing on Next Step and produced numerous improvements in Next Step students’ experience: a more interactive and user-friendly interface, an easier-to-navigate website, updated MCAT books with online end-of-chapter quizzes for better interactivity, and a larger staff of Student Advisors to help students navigate their options and the tricky world of medical school admissions.

The possibilities are endless in this partnership. In the future, Next Step students can look forward to benefiting from Blueprint’s mastery of technology, animation, video production, test analytics, and UX design. New and improved products are on the horizon, all created with a promise to entertain and teach but grounded in an education-first philosophy.

If you’re a current student, this means you’ll see small upgrades in your accounts rolled out over time. However, the representativeness of your MCAT content and practice materials will never change.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Student Advisors at 1-888-619-9996. Current students can also reach out to their MCAT Advisors (Academic Managers).

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