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MCAT Psychology Question — McDonaldization of Society

Each of the following are aspects of the McDonaldization of Society EXCEPT:


A) Rationalization of decisions into cost/benefit analysis structures and away from traditional modes of thinking

B) Bureaucratic organization that formalizes well-establish division of labor and impersonal structures

C) A dissolution of hierarchical modes of authority into collaborative team-based decision protocols

D) An intense effort on achieving sameness across diverse markets




Sociologist George Ritzer coined the term McDonaldization to describe the modern form of the social phenomenon of rationalization discussed by Max Weber at the end of the nineteenth century. The rationalization of society involves a shift in social structures towards rational means/ends tests (like choice A) a focus on efficiency and formal methods of social control. The classic example of a rational social structure is bureaucracy (as described in B) that aims to create a uniformity of outcomes (as described in D).


The correct answer, (C) is not a part of McDonaldization, which would focus on strongly hierarchical methods of control.


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